A Critical Facilities Solutions Provider

A Critical Facilities Solutions Provider

We help you maintain your critical business environment uptime by reducing downtime through critical facilities solutions solutions
We offers critical business environment facilities solutions - services & products, to support our customers' needs across their industries
Data Center Design & Build
Successful data center design build construction projects require a balance that can only be maintained through a deep understanding of every element, process and requirement of your data center infrastructure. Every one of our successful...
M&E Consultancy
The GROUP is licensed to perform professional engineering services. Based in Penang, The GROUP concentrates services on the Northern Region of the country, but is able to provide services throughout the country. Our primary experience...
MEP Construction
What exactly are your requirements when you decide to build a clean room? You want to ensure that it functions perfectly, that it can be expanded as necessary (with little to no interruption), and that it...
Service & Maintenance
Quality, reliability, responsiveness, transparency. The GROUP service contracts has a solution to suit your requirements whether you are managing an expensive portfolio of equipment or just one basic unit. Our transparent service products are focused...

About Us

The GROUP was established in 2011, the objective then was to fulfill the needs of our growing buildings and manufacturing industries, especially the Multinational Corporation (MNC).

Our core activities are in design, supply, installation, repair, service and maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical & Process (MEP).

Today, the GROUP is a unique Engineering Services firm that offers unsurpassed critical facility support. The GROUP has extensive experience in consulting, project and construction management and services for critical facilities environments. This allows us to extend our expertise and services throughout the region, providing MEP solutions for critical facilities.

Apart from providing critical facilities solutions and supports, the GROUP emphasis on the efficiency of the resources use – to achieve to GREEN, especially through detail study and design in the HVAC systems, which contributes to the highest electricity power consumption.

The GROUP partners each have over 15 years of experience in supporting clients’ critical facility needs. The company’s staff is comprised of dedicated professionals, encompassing all engineering disciplines, with specialized knowledge in critical facility requirements.

Our experience allows the GROUP to understand clients’ needs to optimize and deliver services to meet our clients’ specific needs, standards and requirements, by providing the highest level of professionalism and total customer satisfaction.

The GROUP approach to each project is ‘LISTEN, UNDERSTAND, HANDS ON, DELIVER’, where we tailor our efforts to the specific needs of the client.

The GROUP as an engineering firm incorporated in Malaysia, is registered with Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB), as Grade G5, and also registered with Ministry of Finance, Malaysia (MOF), which shall allow the company to participate to a more sizable project, which is in the company forecasted pipeline.

As an ISO9001:2015 certified company, we commit to zero compromises to quality management system (QMS), in ensuring meeting customers and other stakeholder needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.


With the ‘shrinking world’ of the global business environment, rapid advancements in technology within the field, and combined with increasing global connectivity, any downtime or interruption to such services will have a significant impact to the business continuity.

The increasing demand for ZERO interruption or Fault Tolerance, as well as GREEN has make it imperative for any forward looking business to ensure that the systems and facilities are comprehensively designed and supported.

When it comes to critical facilities, there can be no compromise. In a rapidly changing environment, business can’t afford a ‘trial and error’ approach for selecting and designing their critical systems due to the high capital expenditure involved and also the consequences.

For this reason, Critical Group of Companies provides the right people and expertise, to provide the right advice and solutions.